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Thursday, May 24, 2012

David was the king selected by God to sheep His children, Israel. He was selected not because of any of his merits, but by God's grace only. He became the unique leader & emperor of the united Israel & lead the people of God according to His plans.

His commitment to do the will of God & stand for God is very inspiring to any believer who want to please God by their lives.

Here is an analysis of the Biblical statements about king David in the background of the history of Israel & other nations.

King David - Documentary

By: Rejoy Poomala on: 11:37 AM

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bible is a book which was attacked many times in many ways by many people. But all the questions were successfully answered logically & scientifically!

Here is a video in Malayalam language which helps a person who seeks facts to find out the truthfulness of the holy Bible.

Some years ago, this topic was discussed in a public debate between Dr. Johnson C Philip & Mr. M M Akbar at Perumbavoor. Here Dr. Johnson C Philip clearly describes that one can agree that the Bible is divinely inspired book, on basis of the following facts:

  1. Historical accuracy of Bible
  2. Archeological evidences
  3. Historical evidences
  4. Prophetical evidences
  5. Accuracy of manuscripts

The summary is: No scientific facts denies any statement in the Bible, & no statement in the Bible contradicts with any of the proved scientific fact!

God bless u!

Divitiny of the Bible - Debate

By: Rejoy Poomala on: 12:55 PM

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Many people believes that God in all religions are one & different religions teaches about the same God in different names & ways, but they all are the same. Even it is true that there is only one God, it is not at all correct that all these Gods are the same.

For example, some people thinks that the God '"Yehowah" in Bible & "Allah" in Quran are the same person. By characteristics mentioned in those books, we can understand that these two are two different persons.

According to the Holy Bible, the God is quite different & unique than any other religion's Gods, in nature, actions & his interaction with mankind.

Here is the video of the debate held at Ernakulam Town hall on 1st November 2009 on the topic: "Divinity in Thourath, Injeel & Quran". The program was conducted by 'Sakshi Apologetics Network'.

God bless!

Snehasandesham 2009

By: Rejoy Poomala on: 10:33 AM

Friday, November 6, 2009

Message by: R. Krishnankutty, Thiruvattaar, Kerala

Solid answers for questions about the Bible, Jesus Christ, God, Man, Sin, Iternal life, Salvation etc.

Un defeatable power of the solid truth

By: Rejoy Poomala on: 9:51 AM

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gospel message in Malayalam, by Jose Mathews, translated by Binu Samuel.

God bless u!

Gospel of Jesus : message for the world!

By: Rejoy Poomala on: 11:39 AM


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